Fast English Editing

Editing for Non-native Speakers

We have a team of native English speakers standing by. Most edits are ready within ten minutes. Our rate is simply $0.04 per word. Click here to get started.

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What We Edit

Our fast turnaround time makes our service perfect for shorter texts. Here are some examples of how people use us:

Product Descriptions
Clearly explain why potential customers need your product.
Airbnb Listings
Make sure people understand what's awesome about your home.
Website Copy
Keep your users on your site.
Clarity is paramount when explaining technical topics.
Cover Letters
Sound professional and personable as you make that critical first impression.
Make a good impression when inviting speakers to your seminar.

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How We Edit

Our editing process improves the clarity and flow of your writing while maintaining your original intent and meaning. Our editors carefully comb through your text to fix all of the basic grammar and spelling errors. And while other editing services might stop there, our editors spend the time to improve your sentence structure and phrasing. This results in clear writing that gets your message across.

We offer this level of service with one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Most editing jobs are ready within ten minutes. We get you your edits quickly, so you can get on with your work.

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Why We Edit

English has become the common international language. It's important to produce written English that is not just understandable, but is clear and able to convey your message with precision.

Our goal is to make higher-quality communication fast, easy and inexpensive. We hope that by reducing the current barriers to communicating in English, we can help you can reach out in ways you would not have been able to before.

Interested in having perfect written English? Use our team of native English speakers.

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